Saturday 6 June 2009

Picasa Web Slide Show for Your Blog

Picasa Web Slide Show for Your Blog. Picasa Web has improved significantly over the years. I just went back to it after many months without using it and it is mightily impressive now, very powerful and quick. It would be as it is made by Google. That’s enough Google worship. I have used Google Picasa Web for some time. I use it to store the pictures and in fact all the pictures that are uploaded to Blogger blog are saved in Picasa Web under a new folder automatically created. And that even applies to posts for your blog made with Windows Live Writer. I was surprised at that. But it is good news as images stored on Picasa Web Albums are included in a Google image search so this spreads the word a bit and gets you known a bit more on the internet.

Making a Picasa Web slide show for your blog is simplicity itself (as is, by the way, creating code to place images in your blog from Picasa Web). The code for the slide show and images are generated automatically.

First create a Picasa Web album and before that get a Google account, of course (if you haven’t one already). Once you have opened a Google account you can then begin populating your Picasa Web album with pictures. You can get to Picasa Web from your iGoogle home page by selecting from the menus to the top left of the page and picking “more” which drops down to a further menu to “Photos”.

Uploading images to your Picasa Web album is easy. Just follow the instructions. It is so easy it would be waste of time to go over it here.

Once you have at least a few picture in our album you can create the slide show (like the ones on this page, which I created in seconds, literally) by going to the right hand side of the page where you will see “link to this album” and a small arrow after the words. Click on the arrow (yes, you can miss that, I certainly did for a while). A drop down list of options comes up and select “embed slide show”. A series of options then comes up which are self explanatory and which includes image size. A great feature is you can make large format slide shows. The one below is small but the one on this page (new window), for example, is in the largest format and they run very smoothly and not slowly.

There are many other features that the Google people have added to Picasa Web over the time I first signed up to it. A Picasa Web slide show for your blog or any other website is one of the best, in my opinion. To create slide shows in the old fashioned way meant creating code. There are third party suppliers of slide shows but they have a greater commercialism meaning the supplier wants more out of it for themselves. Google provides Picasa Web free and it is less encumbered with commercialism.

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