Tuesday 23 June 2009

Bengal Cat at a Cat Show


What is it like for a Bengal cat at a cat show. Do they like it? We (that is people) do it to win prizes. Who gets the prizes? The cat. The breeder or both. Well the cat gets the prize but doesn’t care so its for the breeder. This is for breeders to promote their business and have some fun too. Is it fun for the Bengal cat? Well I don’t think it is great because:

  • There is lots of travel to the shows. This can be hundreds of miles in a car or in a plane. Not many cats like that.
  • Then there is the waiting in the cages before they are called to the show ring to be judged. Not that great for a cat. But the cages are very fancy, mind you!
  • Bengal cats are pretty active and to be in a cage for relatively long time seems tough to me.

Well here are two short videos. Each features a Bengal cat at a cat show:

Young Bengal cat makes fascinating meow/trill and is pleased to see me.

And this guy just wanted to something other than be simply looked at and prodded:

Bengal cat gets bored and goes climbing

Cat shows are usually held in large industrial unit type places. They echo and are noisy, the acoustics are generally poor and the lighting is also poor being very flat. I think it is the noise that is probably the difficult for a show cat to adjust to. Some cat breeds are better than others.

One major problem for the people is when a cat escapes from its cage and goes walkabout. Well not literally escape but when out they scamper off. I have seen that happen and usually all the breeders nearby assist in corralling the wayward cat and return him or her to the “owner”.

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