Sunday 27 April 2008

Swiss Cat Fur

Swiss Cat Fur is still being produced in large quantities in Switzerland despite a new Swiss law which addresses the much neglected matter of animal rights. The Swiss federal government's actions are contradictory.

On the one hand they are demonstrating to the world that the government is enlightened enough to grant rights to animals that are normally only granted to humans and on the other they seem to be doing nothing about the production of Swiss cat fur. The cat fur trade in Switzerland seems to be in fine shape. There is high demand and a plentiful supply of free fur. This is because the feral cats of Switzerland are caught, killed (how?, probably without any controls as in food production), skinned and made into yet more consumer objects such as cardigans and blankets. Do people know that these products are made out of cat fur? I doubt it.

When the Swiss people in this despicable business run out of feral cats to kill (they were once a domestic cat), they pop across the French/Swiss border, it seems, and kill some of those too. They ship them back to the slaughter house and keep skinning.

How can this be right? The new laws cover social animals. There are many tens of thousands of domestic cats in Switzerland that live with their human companion in harmony - an extremely social situation; why aren't these laws protecting the cat? Their animal rights laws cover such things as ensuring that people who keep dogs attend a course (paid for by the keeper) on how to keep dogs.

These new laws come into force on Sept 1 2008. They may be difficult to enforce. It would though be easy to enforce a ban on the cruel Swiss Cat Fur trade as they must know where these businesses are.

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