Tuesday 15 April 2008

Sex and Cat Breeding

The female sex and cat breeding go together as they should. Cat breeding is about raising babies into adults. It is very similar to human child rearing. It requires all of the skills a good human mother can bring to the process. I guess women are drawn to cat breeding for that reason.

Writing this short post is difficult as it could be perceived as sexist. It is not meant to be. When ever a person refers to the sexes in anyway it can be seen as sexist. But that shouldn't stop people talking about the different skills each sex brings to the table.

In the cat fancy women naturally predominate. But this is not to say that a lot of men aren't involved either. I read somewhere that at one time men were thought of as sissy if they were involved in cat breeding. They would not be thought of in the same way if they were involved in say horse breeding. It could be that cat breeding is essentially a female domain where men enter at their peril :).

The point I am making is this; there is a relevancy in discussing cat breeders' sex and cat breeding. Women have their skills and men have their skills. Men generally see the bigger picture and are less cautious. They can also be more aggressive. They need to be to get the bacon in! This makes men more suitable some would say (and some wouldn't - and this is the possibly sexist bit) to top level management. Moving and shaking requires a bold approach. Sometimes things need to change and cat breeding is going through a process now where it needs, in my humble opinion, some firm direction and management to change it for the better and set it up for the future.

In the USA cat breeders are under attack by the relatively rich organisations such as HSUS and PETA. There is a perception problem that cat breeding does not sit comfortably in a world where there are too many cats that are abandoned and then euthanized. It doesn't really matter if the cat breeder are not to blame for this problem. The two situations don't co-exist comfortably.

To get to the point. I don't know who runs the CFA and TICA and the other large cat associations in the USA, but it is probably women. It may be time to look at hiring a proper company executive to move things forward boldly to unify and build.

Another point, there appears to be too much disagreement amongst cat breeders, pulling in different directions. Women are more individualistic, that is why they prefer cats to dogs and why men prefer dogs to cats (the pack animal instinct in men). This individualism may be hurting the cat fancy. Sex and cat breeding is an issue but at a level different to the one suggested by the title of this post.

Now, no unpleasant comments please.

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