Saturday 12 April 2008

Baby Persian Cats

Baby Persian Cat Faolan with Mum
Baby Persian Cats - Faolán with Mum - He is now a grown up but a young grown up - Photograph is by and copyright Dani Rozeboom. Faolán is a red solid traditional Persian Cat.

Baby Persian Cats are popular. This is obvious as they are simply gorgeous to look at, particularly if the cats live with Dani Rozeboom. I thought I'd put some more pictures of Dani's cats up on this website. She runs the Cattery Yeri Shaes a Traditional Persian Cattery. She runs the cattery with Rick Keijer. The cattery is named after a lovely boy Persian, who was much loved. You can see him on this page.

The cattery is based in Almere, Netherlands. Almere is about 30 kilometers to the east of Amsterdam. It looks like you have to go over a large bridge to get there if you're going from Amersterdam , which is not surprising as there is a lot of water in the Netherlands.

Dani is also a fine cat photographer (and therefore a fine photographer generally). She also builds great looking websites, professionally. You can see her World of Dani as an example. She photographs the cats as they grow up so there are some baby Persian cats for this page. The header photograph is a picture of Faelyn which I used in a video. All the photographs on this page are reproduced with Dani's permission, of course.

Persian baby cat Orlando
Here we have Orlando when he was a baby Persian cat - Orlando is now grown up and a totally handsome red shaded (shaded cameo) traditional Persian cat. I love Dani's cats. Photographs copyright Dani Rozeboom.

Babt Persian cat Cristalline
Baby Persian cats you've got. This is Cristalline a female orange eyed white traditional Persian cat who is now almost one year old. Photograph copyright Dani Rozeboom. She is a pedigree cat of great distinction and pure glamour. She is the kind of cat that if she was a person she would marry a very weathy banker as she is that good looking. Mind you all of the cats that live with Dani and Rick are equally good looking.

Persian cat kitten Faelyn
This is Faelyn as a kitten. Photograph copyright Dani Rozeboom. She is also in the picture at the top of the post. You can tell by her very distinctive facial markings. She not quite in the category of baby Persian cats (she is more a kitten here) but a fine photograph and a fine cat so I couldn't resist including her. Faelyn is a blue cream traditional Persian Cat living with Dani as are all the cats on this post. She is now fully grown up and a litte more than 2 years old.

Baby Persian cat Orlando
Photograph copyright Dani Rozeboom. Finally, back to Orlando at a time when he firmly fell into the category of baby Persian cats. As the text in the montage says he is two weeks old at the time the photo was taken. He is now just over 2 years old.

I hope that you enjoy these photographs of Persian cats as much as I do. If you want a great website built contact Dani from her website (link above).

Persian kitten in a bowl
This is a famous photograph of a Persian kitten in a glass bowl by Helmi Flick copyright Helmi Flick.

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