Cat Spraying Elavil

Unusually Cat Spraying and Elavil may go together. Cat breeders will suffer the consequences of male cats spraying as it is part of their natural ways to mark territory and is part of the way cats communicate as they have a fantastic sense of smell. Spraying marks boundaries. The urine contains pheromones which help identify a cat. Males do it more often than females but both do it. Neutering reduces it but it can still happen. Intact males do it more than neutered males because they are more into the male thing when intact being driven by their testosterone.

Spraying can be brought on through anxiety. A cat will spray when anxious because it reassures him and makes him feel calmer.

In catteries studs are kept in cages (outside it seems sometimes at least) in part for this reason. They a probably pretty impossible to live with sometimes.

Apparently drugs either homeopathic or otherwise can help. I am not a breeder but apparently it is not unknown for breeders to give a drug to cats at shows or when appropriate, which is also used on humans to alleviate anxiety. It is called Elavil or perhaps better known as Amitriptyline.

This drug can be given to cats at 10mg doses apparently but don't take my word for it as I am not medically qualified. Interestingly the human version comes in 25 mg pills so 10 mg seems a lot to me. I think it can cause drowsiness and other side effects like putting on weight.

Rescue Remedy is a homeopathic drug also commonly used by people to reduce stress and which is also given to cats sometimes. It can also help to reduce stress due to separation anxiety.

Seek Medical advice always.

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