Wednesday 10 August 2022

Amazon delivery driver gingerly places packages on porch and briskly retires (cat food on porch)

Screenshot. Words added.

On this person's front porch is a small bowl of cat food. I guess the bowl is a cat food bowl judging by its size. The female delivery driver spots the bowl and pauses (see pic). She then gingerly proceeds to place the two packages on the porch and moves away quickly. Gotta be scared of cats or is allergic to cats!? But she does a nice job of delivering the packages despite her concern. It is a nice little vignette of modern life as lots of us depend upon the God Amazon for all our needs. Are we getting lazy? Or are we lazy? Heck it is no wonder we struggle to keep our weight down.

Please remember that this is a video served by and therefore I have no control over it. It might stop working or leave a link to their website to see the video there. I have added a screenshot in case the video disappears.

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