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Monday 15 January 2024

Cat and dog owners absolutely love this heated pet bed and think that it is a brilliant investment

This has been touted by news media as a brilliant investment for a cat and dog owner. It's a very good value heated cat and dog bed which you can buy on Amazon for £27.99 in the UK. It's called the NICREW Pet Heating Pad. It selling fast on Amazon and it gets glowing reviews on that website. It is Amazon recommended for that reason.

It is powered by electricity (compared to reflective systems which are not) and therefore you will be paying a little bit to keep your cat and dog warm in these winter months. That said, it is a good investment because you want to make your cat or dog happy, don't you? There's one sure way to make a domestic cat happy in winter; keep him or her warm.

NICREW Pet Heating Pad has six heat settings which allows you to adjust it to an appropriate temperature for your beloved companion animal.

It also has an auto shut-off function which allows you to control for how long it is turned on: four, eight, 12 or 24 hours for constant heating.

It includes one removable fleece cover and a 7-foot power cable and cord which are steel capped and pet safe.

It has over 1000 five-star reviews and is tried and tested and loved as much by pet owners as they love their cat or dog!

One commenter said: "Bought for my elderly cat and she adores it and spends a lot of time on it,' one five-star reviewer wrote. 'If you are thinking about getting a heat pad for your cat, just do it, I have one for each of mine and it keeps them all happy over winter."

She added: "Doris had made herself at home on this within 2 minutes of it being plugged in,' a second shopper said. 'I've got it on the lowest heat setting and it's perfect to keep this old lady nice and warm in my otherwise quite cold house."

The fabric is soft and you can throw the cushion in the washer when it needs a refresh. The NICREW Pet Heating Pad provides a subtle heat and passes the cat and dog test. It's was hailed as the most successful Christmas present of 2023 and is described as fabulous. Pets absolutely love it!!

Do you think I've done a good enough job in promoting this pet product? I hope so. I don't get paid though. This is entirely altruistic.


P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Amazon delivery driver gingerly places packages on porch and briskly retires (cat food on porch)

Screenshot. Words added.

On this person's front porch is a small bowl of cat food. I guess the bowl is a cat food bowl judging by its size. The female delivery driver spots the bowl and pauses (see pic). She then gingerly proceeds to place the two packages on the porch and moves away quickly. Gotta be scared of cats or is allergic to cats!? But she does a nice job of delivering the packages despite her concern. It is a nice little vignette of modern life as lots of us depend upon the God Amazon for all our needs. Are we getting lazy? Or are we lazy? Heck it is no wonder we struggle to keep our weight down.

Please remember that this is a video served by and therefore I have no control over it. It might stop working or leave a link to their website to see the video there. I have added a screenshot in case the video disappears.

Friday 7 August 2020

Amazon fake verified review scam

I guess people realise that you can't rely on Amazon reviews. You just can't be sure that they are genuine. A recent development confirms this assessment.

The people who sell on Amazon through associate agreements want to improve the ratings of their items by Amazon. The ratings are based upon reviews i.e. how many five star reviews the item receives. The fact that the reviewer is verified is important. Verified reviewers are those that have actually bought the product.

In order to achieve five-star reviews from verified reviewers, these businesses are setting up fake purchases using stolen data. They steal the data of American citizens and on their behalf they purchase the items that they are manufacturing and selling.

In doing this, they set up an account on behalf of that person i.e. the recipient. The recipient is completely unaware of what is going on and they receive unwanted goods like seeds, whistles, sunglasses and socks. A five star review is written on behalf of the unwitting recipient.

It is reported in The Times newspaper that businesses are advertising on Facebook for people to write fake reviews at a price. It is the trade in fake Amazon reviews which Facebook promised a crackdown on but apparently are not. The magazine/online website Which? found that Facebook are failing to stop it. It's called a "fake review factory". Facebook told the Competition and Markets Authority in January that it would install systems to detect and remove this sort of content.

Apparently you can find this trade on Facebook by searching for "Amazon review". There are several Facebook groups dealing in these reviews and across them there are at least 82,000 posts a month. Often these posts are from agents offering refunds and commission free products in exchange for the reviews. It is not only on Amazon that these fake reviews are written. Fake and misleading reviews are illegal under UK consumer protection law.

Which? said that over the preceding year there had been no change in the amount of trading on Facebook with respect to fake reviews. The average number of posts in individual groups are up to 5600 over a 30 day period.

The worrying aspect of this is, of course, it is a scam and online scams of varying types are a rapidly developing phenomenon on in the West and probably elsewhere. The other worrying aspect is that the scammers have acquired the personal data of Americans. We know that there have been many computer hacks leading to the acquisition of personal contact details and it is quite likely that these details are being used in this way in this instance.

The receipt of seeds by unwitting recipients in America has baffled them. People all over the US started to receive small parcels of seeds from China. At one time people thought that this was part of a Cold War. Perhaps they were sending invasive species into America to destroy America's nature; to propagate plant diseases but no, it appears that it is simply an Amazon scam.

FYI - another Amazon scam is to inadvertently get people to pay an Amazon prime subscription at an inflated price. These people receive scammy phone calls often generated by computer systems to trick them into paying an Amazon prime subscription but not at the usual rate but one which is a hundred times larger (799 rather than 7.99). Be aware of telephone scams by people referring to Amazon prime subscriptions. Never get involved with those. Put the phone down immediately. You might like to contact Amazon if you can to report it. I am sure that they are aware of it but the more reports they get the better.

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