Tuesday 9 August 2022

Singapore woman designed her apartment for her cats

This is a special woman. Huiyu has totally modified her apartment in Singapore to accommodate the needs of her cats. It is genuinely designed for cats and people. She explains what she has done in her TikTok video. The modifications required walls to be 'hacked' to use her word. Neat. For example, the living room has been opened up by removing partition walls. She did this for her four cats to give them the freedom to move around. I guess they are all indoor cats.

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Another modification is at the front door where there is a mesh from the ground upwards to about halfway up to prevent cats from climbing and escaping according to her. Although looking at it, it would seem possible for a cat to escape if they were determined enough. 

Huiyu at her front door
Huiyu at her front door. Image: Mothership.

That is not to detract from this woman's excellent work. I think she has done great to be so concerned about providing facilities for her cats.

Singapore woman adapts her apartment to meet her cats' needs
Singapore woman adapts her apartment to meet her cats' needs. Image: Mothership montage.

She installed a massive internal cat door (cat flap) from the living room to her bedroom which can be locked because on occasions she wants to be alone! And she has sliding doors in between the living room and what she calls a "nursing room". The idea is that if a cat become ill with a contagious disease they can be confined to a part of the apartment.

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She believes that FeLV-positive cats should be adopted by people where possible otherwise they will be stuck in shelters. She had a FeLV-positive cat once and they passed at the age of four.

Of her four cats one of them is a foster cat. The foster cat mixes with her resident cats. That would not be allowed by Cats Protection in the UK. The purpose is to keep foster cats separate from resident cats. Foster cats should only be kept in cages according to Cats Protection. That is to protect them from contagious diseases.

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