Saturday 6 August 2022

Strange or not so strange video of 2 cats in a human toilet

Well, this is very odd. Or is it? A very strange video of 2 cats in a human toilet that lasts several seconds. I feel I need to try and explain it. It seems to me that one cat has got their head in the toilet because they are investigating. Perhaps it is the smells coming out of the toilet bowl which interest this cat (these sorts of human smells always do) and they have dived in to investigate and/or he is drinking the water in the toilet bowl. 

Strange cat behavior in a human toilet
Strange cat behavior in a human toilet? Nah, normal. Screenshot.

That has happened before many times. While he or she is doing this the other cat is smelling the other cat's bum! At the same time, he is holding on to the cat but I think this is just incidental. I don't think he is deliberately holding on. It is just the way it looks. 

And the owner says that they need to be talked to about their behaviour because it is rather rude by human standards. For cats it is entirely normal and there is nothing to talk about.


Sometimes these videos stop working and a link to the host site remains. I can't control that. If it has happened, sorry.

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