Thursday 18 August 2022

Cat doesn't know it but they are entertaining themselves

 This is a highly amusing video on Twitter. The cat is sitting on a laptop keyboard which is not that unusual as we all know. The attraction is the heat from the computer chip which leaks upwards through the keyboard and via the cooling fan (which is probably blocked by this cute cat). And they are depressing a couple of keys one which turns the letter into a capital and the other is the letter 'a'. 

Cat self-entertains without knowing it
Cat self-entertains without knowing it. Screenshot.

And so, we have a rapid production of a capital 'A' being rolled out on the computer screen which this cat enjoys watching. It's an example of self-entertainment without any knowledge of it. It is a version of cat television. Cat television normally refers to watching the comings and goings outside the home through a window.

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I think you'll have to click the play button twice. It is a cute video though.

On a technical note, I wonder how long that could go on for before the computer objected! You could end up with a document that was millions of words long and you might start coming up to a memory problem.

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