Wednesday 10 August 2022

Cat plays with Ukrainian machine gun bullets

I find the juxtaposition of this cat playing with deadly armaments rather sickening to be honest. On the one hand we have humans killing each other with deadly force and on the other hand we have a playful cat who has no idea what is going on in respect of human warfare playing with machine gun bullets. It goes right over their head. Until they are killed in a Russian bomb explosion or a bullet or the apartment in which the cat lives is destroyed.

I'm told in a report by Nathan Winograd, an American animal advocate, that more than 300,000 animals have been killed in Ukraine after the Russian invasion. It is not talked about enough, hardly at all but it is in the background and it is horrendous and it should deeply trouble the world's animal advocates.

Screenshot. Cat plays with bullets

But Ukraine must keep on fighting until they have kicked the Russians out of their country. And it has been argued today that they will have to kick them out of Crimea as well. And it is a fallacy to argue that the West is fuelling this war. 

The war has been created by Russia and nobody else. It can be stopped by Russia and nobody else. To argue that the West should stop supplying armaments to Ukraine as a way of ending the war and negotiating a settlement in which Ukraine hands over a part of the country to the Russians is a false argument. 

If you do that the Russians will simply take more of Ukraine in the future. It is an argument of defeat and failure and there comes a time when you have to do the right thing. There are occasions when things are black-and-white, good or bad and this is one of those occasions.

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