Tuesday 10 April 2012

My cat sounds like Frog Cat

My cat sounds quite a lot like the frog cat. The frog cat is a large frog that screams like some cats might scream (but not many!). He is on YouTube. You can see the frog cat at the beginning of this video. I "borrowed" that bit of the video - sorry.

The sort of cat that screams like this frog is a Siamese. They have loud voices and very particular sounding voices. They like to demand attention using their voices. Well, my three-legged cat has some Siamese in him even though he is all black! Perhaps Siamese are black cats except for the middle bit! He has a long face in between the Modern Siamese and Traditional Siamese. You could say he has an oriental appearance (in cat fancy language) except he is a bit fat!

It is a pretty basic video and Charlie is quite dark in this video. There is a simple explanation. He was hungry at about 5:30 in the morning. When he is hungry he tends to scream at me. It was dark outside or there was a dawn light. I was lucky to get this bit of video. His bit of the video was boosted in light level and contrast using Sony Vegas video making software.

The sound he is making is a meow in my opinion except it is a bit of screaming meow because he wants me to know that he wants his breakfast.

See cat sounds.

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