Friday 13 April 2012

More Kittens Due to Global Warming?

Already, we have enough unwanted kittens being born outside of a loving human home. But we are to get more if there is global warming, which seems likely to be the case. Global warming brings warmer winters and longer summers. We are seeing a change in weather patterns in the UK. I am not sure about the USA but when I was there it was damn hot!

Pets Across America, a large and well established pet adoption organisation in the United States said that there was a 30 percent increase in their intake of cats and kittens over the 2005-6 period, which they put down to the longer and earlier spring season - the breeding season for cats - due in turn to the warmer weather and reduced winters.

There is no doubt that weather plays a major role in the number of unwanted cats. In colder climates such as in the UK you don't have a "feral cat problem" to the extent that appears to be the case in mid-America. And from the warmer Mediterranean countries such as Greece you hear of similar feral cat discussions about their numbers and impact on tourism etc.

If it is true that global warming is leading to more unwanted and feral cats, it is all the more reason for people to be better cat caretakers and ask whether they really do wish to keep a cat and if so will it be for the life of the cat and will they spay or neuter their cat? It's about responsible cat caretaking that is properly funded. Keeping cats carries a financial price. People need to be able to afford to keep a cat or cats and have proper facilities.

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