Monday 2 April 2012

Google Should Open A Shop

Perhaps Google should open a shop to provide them with another outlet for their energies and ambitions. On the ground, high street shops, would also provide an interface for true, in the flesh, meetings with website entrepreneurs and internet users, Joe Public. In addition to a shop being a meeting place it could also serve as a training establishment on such diverse matters as maximizing revenue from Adsense and the use of Adwords. They could also promote website building in seminars. And utilize the seminars as brainstorming sessions. Google needs feedback from users.

One to one, or one to several, group meetings might have the benefit of broadening what might have become slightly introverted, stagnated thinking by Google. Google is also becoming a bit bloated. They have a lot of clever employees fine tuning great products and making them worse (potentially) in doing so. New products are created but not presented to the word as efficiently as they might be.

Come and join us, the public, on the high street. Get plenty of feedback and new ideas and at the same train us in your expertise. This sort of approach may also go some way to seeing off criticism that Google is too big and dominant. Google like to give back. This might be better carried out on the high street.

Shops would also be good for branding. The look and feel of the Google Shops should be as per their offices: open, colorful and funky. There should be a coffee shop inside the shop!

And if you have a shop you need some products to sell. There is no reason why Google cannot manufacture and sell products. The already provide components for products in the form of software, I am using Google Blogger this minute.

Google need to stop tinkering with the good and expand in a different direction. Classic Google is still the best search engine if you turn off Google Plus One. Most of the "improvements" have not improved it, in my opinion.

A bustling, busy and productive Google Shop would be a great advert for giant Google that needs to freshen up their image.

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