Sunday 1 April 2012

Bright Eyed Melanistic Savannah Cat

Melanistic Savannah Cat by broadsurf
Melanistic Savannah Cat, a photo by broadsurf on Flickr.
This is a high hitting Flickr photograph of a melanistic Savannah cat that I created a couple of years ago now. I think she was female. She is a breeding cat and her mate was a conventional coated cat (spotted tabby as I recall).

She was living in an inside/outside enclosure. She would not have had much interaction with people and it showed. She wanted interaction with people because when I entered the enclosure quietly and sat down and did nothing to allow her time to adjust she looked quite startled.

She soon got accustomed to my presence. I had put my glasses high up on the cage and she immediately climbed up to check them out.

She then gradually approached and then began to lick me. She licked me so much I became wet with her saliva. She was very cute.

Her appearance had a wild quality. I felt that she was semi-wild. Her eyes are startlingly beautiful set against the rich melanistic coat. When the sunlight shone through her coat you could see the rusty coloured melanin pigmentation. Black is brown in the cat world.

What is surprising is that this photograph has received by far the highest number of views by visitors who come to my Flickr pages (channel). I am not sure why.

It is licensed by me for reuse "as is" meaning anyone can republish it provided they don't adjust it. You also have to provide a credit and a link back to the Flickr page.

I hope you like the photo. She was a great lady cat. I remember my time with her with great clarity. She must have made an impression on me. I think she was fourth generation from the wild (F4).

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