Wednesday 4 April 2012

Is CFA doing enough to regulate its breeders?

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) is said to the world's biggest.  It is probably the best known. They do have some peculiar and distorted views on cat welfare, however, that I find disturbing. I refer to the breed standards of several cat breeds.

I question whether the CFA needs to spend more time and effort on cat welfare. It seems to be a low priority to the senior people at the CFA. I feel that the CFA have a bunker mentality. What I mean is that they close their mind to wrong doing and possibly lack the moral fiber to make important changes in the interests of the cats that their members breed and breed from.

It seems that the CFA assumes that their cat breeder members will conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Do the CFA inspect the catteries of their members? I don't think they do. How can they when many of them appear to end up in jail for animal cruelty! I know it sounds astonishing but it is true. Maybe it does not sound astonishing!

CFA booth at cat show.
My recommendation to the CFA (which carries zero weight with the CFA and any other breeder) is that when they make referrals to cat breeders as they do on this page, they employ unannounced spot checks on their members to ensure that the breeder employs sound practises that prioritise the welfare of the cats.

Also all CFA breeders should be committed to high standards of animal welfare. The CFA should ensure this before the person becomes a member and throughout membership.

This cannot be taking place and is an oversight by the CFA, which confirms to me that they are either almost ignoring animal welfare issues or not giving it sufficient attention.

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