Thursday 26 April 2012

Cult of the Funny Internet Cat

The cult of the funny internet cat is fading. You know what humans are like. I use the word "human" rather than "people" because I write about cats so much I have got used to differentiating between the two that way. Humans follow fads and trends or in this case a kind of cult. The cult of the funny cat on the internet.

The internet is still relatively young. Google is only 14 years as I recall. A lot of websites are less than 5 years old. The internet is a very transient and fluid place in which to set up business. I sometimes think that Google considers 4-5 year old sites as in their dottage; time to euthanise them in the words of cat shelters.

The internet to date has worked both for and against the domestic cat. The great cult of funny cat pictures put the domestic cat on the map. But the endless funny videos are really quite tiresome now. On the upside the domestic cat got a lot of publicity. On the downside, was it the right kind of publicity?

The cult of the funny cat pic was fun stuff, but a fad, a fashion. It has to be temporary because it is entertainment genre. Entertainment evolves all the time. You only have to look at cinema to see that. In cinema people are tired of the super hyped-up, over CGI'd, thin-plotted, blockbuster. The old stuff looks far better. I think cinema ran out of ideas so decided to over stimulate our senses instead. You get tired of that quite quickly.

Maybe we are running out of ideas in art. The only thing that constantly renews itself naturally is news. The cult of the cat on the internet is dying. People want to go back to real, sensible stuff. Good, clean information well presented.

I don't think the cult of the funny internet cat improved cat welfare. It was too frivolous for that. Funny cat pictures don't really respect the cat. Under this cult of funny cat pics and vids the cat is not really respected but used to entertain us. There are too many very serious and upsetting aspects to the life of the domestic cat to allow ourselves to be amused by funny cat pics. Let's get the welfare of cats right first before we have a laugh at the expense of the cat.

If I am correct, I am pleased. PoC is a serious website. The cat pictures are the best. They are not about being funny but about respecting the cat. In the long term, I hope that means that PoC transcends the slow decline of the funny cat internet cult.

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