Wednesday 11 April 2012

Devocalising Dogs is Cruel

Here is a video about the cruel surgery of devocalising dogs. I know this is not about cats but let's not worry about that because it is an important subject and people should be forbidden from doing it. It should be banned, and it is close to being banned in certain parts of the USA as I understand it. How it can be allowed to happen is beyond my comprehension.

Image in public domain as assessed.
Debarking operation illustrated or softening of the bark! Image in public domain as assessed.

It is similar to declawing in its cruelty and the unethical nature of the operation. The same mentality is behind it: "I want a pet but not exactly what is on offer, so I'll just modify it...." Stop it...

It is a failure of the human that he thinks he can modify his companion animals to suit his preferences. Dogs are not products to be bought over the counter. You don't modify dogs like you customise a car or a computer. They are living creatures the way God created them. Let's enjoy that and stop being silly and ignorant.

And a further point: cats are also devocalised. Can you imagine it! It's madness. Quite insane. Cat hoarders, breeders and a Siamese cat breed and fancier have had their cats devocalized.  Then they gave them up anyway. The kind of mentality that allows people to abandon their cats is the same kind of mentality that drives people to devocalise and "voice stifle" their cats and dogs. These people are quite simply unsuited to be anywhere near companion animals.

Vets who agree to devocalise are equally unsuited. They should be struck of the register. Of course, the AVMA is powerless. Apparently, the Massachusetts, ASPCA are in league with the vets to promote devocalisation. This is horrible. Can it be true?

Can someone please tell me why two groups of people who profess to care for the welfare of dogs and cats, wantonly and for-profit assault them in this cruel way. I am at a loss to understand it.

Please visit this website: New York Against Devocalisation.

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