Sunday 1 April 2012

Google Search Slowing Down?

1st April 2012: Slow start up? Not an April Fools' prank! Are you getting stalling problems at the beginning of a search when you try and type in what you are searching for? I am and it seems to be do with the Google page syncing up to something on Google Plus or some other add on nuisance. In other words what was once a very simple super fast loading Google search page (Google Classic) is now slow and this slows down my search while I wait for (iGoogle) to load.

iGoogle is the Google home page that contains lots of extras. It syncs up to things. And it appears to be syncing up to too many addons. Whereas at one time iGoogle was slower than Classic Google it is now almost unusable for me.

It may be the fact that I have recently opened a Google +1 home page "thing" (no idea what it does, already bored with it). I was encouraged to do it by Google. Google desperately wants us to use Google +1 and constantly searches for ways to get us to use it. I guess people prefer the Facebook like button despite all Google's efforts.

For me Google are pushing people away from using Google search. I prefer Bing now sometimes as it is simpler and more direct.

Google changed Picasa Web Albums not long ago and that change stopped me using it. It became to complicated in that I didn't know what was public or private. I could not trust it anymore. When you are not sure what Google is doing in addition to what you can see, you start to distrust them.

I'll try returning to classic Google home page for a while.

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