Thursday 10 February 2022

Does Keanu Reeves have a dog (or cat)?

My research indicates that Keanu Reeves does not live with a dog or a cat. This may surprise some people because he is a decent bloke who likes animals. In fact, I think that you could argue that he is better than a decent bloke. He is an exceptional individual on my research. He eschews his riches made from his A-list Hollywood ranking and is a generous charitable donor. 

He supports PETA, the animal rights organisation. And it is reported that he has spent time talking to a tramp in New York City for hours on end. I mean, the guy doesn't see himself as a Hollywood film star but as an ordinary person who perhaps prefers to live an ordinary life and mix with ordinary people. I love that.

Keanu Reeves takes the subway in NYC like anyone else
Keanu Reeves takes the subway in NYC like anyone else. Photo: in the public domain (presumed).

Neither is he a vegetarian nor a vegan. In fact, he has talked about his diet and he does eat meat. So, he loves animals but doesn't see the need to become vegan. I guess he has decided that he can help the planet in different ways. Apparently, he has a tradition of eating steak before a fight scene in a film. He said: "The night before a big fight sequence, I still eat a steak. It started on The Matrix. It's totally psychological".

He likes a nice New York cut steak with a little fat on it. There is a very interesting post on the website about him. Apparently, according to this person (Manoj Krishna Shrestha), he has no luxury houses and no bodyguards. He lives in an ordinary apartment and likes to wander around New York City and ride on the subway. You might see a photograph of him on the subway with other people (as above).

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It is said that when he was filming a movie, he overheard a conversation between two costume assistants. One of them said to the other that they might lose their home if they did not pay $20,000. On the same day, Reeves deposited $20,000 into the person's bank account. He has also donated large sums to hospitals including, astonishingly, $75 million of his earnings from "the Matrix" franchise.

And he is super generous despite some really big setbacks in his life. He was abandoned by his father at three years old. He grew up with three different stepfathers. He is dyslexic. He dreamed of being a hockey player but was injured in a serious accident and could not follow that dream. His wife died in a car accident and his best friend at the time, River Phoenix, died of an overdose. His sister has battled with leukaemia. Note: I have decided that these reports are correct but please bear in mind they come from one source.

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To return to the question in the title. I think he has good reasons for not having a cat or dog. Firstly, he lives in an ordinary apartment in New York City which he probably feels precludes him from keeping a companion animal to a high standard. Secondly, I suspect that he believes that his work which takes him away from his home probably for months on end prevents him from properly caring for a companion animal to the standards that he sets himself, which I expect to be high. Therefore, I think he doesn't have a cat or dog for practical reasons.

I guess, you don't need to look after a cat or dog to prove to the world that you are an animal lover. You can do it in other ways. And you don't just have to love animals, you can love vulnerable people and anybody who needs your help. They are all in the same bracket. That is the feeling I get with Keanu Reeves's mentality.


  1. I saw him being interviewed recently (can't remember the show but probably late night) and he was asked a series of questions requiring very short answers. One question was "dogs or cats". He said "dogs but I'm really starting to like cats". Maybe his girlfriend owns a cat or two which has allowed him to see how wonderful they truly are? I hope so.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Yes, I think he prefers dogs but loves animals generally and therefore likes cats too.


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