Frightened kitten poops over girl in car (picture)

This is a bit sad but amusing at the same time. Well, it might be amusing if you are not the girl 🙃. It looks to me as if the family had just adopted this kitten from a rescue center and the kitten was scared as he/she was held by the girl as they drove home. Pooping inappropriately is a sign of stress as it is scent marking to reassure the kitten. It is instinctive. The kitten was removed from her known temporary territory and placed in a strange place. She was out of sorts and needed to reassure herself. There was nothing malicious or hostile in the behavior. The cause is the opposite really; nervousness. I am sure that she settled down quickly and is now a contented adult in her nice home.

Frightened kitten poops over girl in car (picture)
Frightened kitten poops over girl in car (picture). Pic in the public domain.


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