Monday 14 February 2022

West Ham fans chant unpleasantly about Zouma's cat-kicking and kick inflatable cat

A video made by one of the fans on a smartphone before West Ham played Leicester last weekend shows them chanting about the Kurt Zouma cat-kicking incident. It is very unpleasant if you want to respect the domestic cat. 

If you care about animal welfare, this kind of animalistic chanting is unpleasant to say the least. It portrays the fans as ignorant and disrespectful of animal welfare. The video is on social media, specifically Twitter.

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It depends on who you are as to whether you dislike the chanting. They think it is great fun and you'll find that a lot of people agree with them. They see nothing wrong in it. Perhaps the majority of British citizens see nothing wrong in it. It will be just cat lovers and animal advocates who find it unpleasant.

Who said that Britain is a country of animal lovers 🤔?

West Ham fans chant about Zouma's cat-kicking incident and throw around an inflatable cat
West Ham fans chant about Zouma's cat-kicking incident and throw around an inflatable cat. Screenshot.

I expect these videos to be removed eventually so don't expect them to stay on the site for the indefinite future.

Hammers fans sang: "Kurt Zouma, woah, Kurt Zouma, woah."

"He is our centre-back, he kicks his f*****g cat".

Another chant sickeningly: "Kurt Zouma is magic, he wears a magic hat."

"And if you throw a cat at him, he'll kick the f****r back."

"He kicks it to the left, he kicks it to the right, and when we win [the] Europa League we'll sing this song all night."

Ironically, in the first match that West Ham played against Watford, immediately after the incident, the fans booed Kurt Zouma when he first touched the ball on the playing field.

Now, they are celebrating him in a perverted, ignorant way. It's typical of British football fans. There's no sense of morality. They get drunk and then start messing around making up chants. The British football fan is very good at creating insulting chants.

They also throw and kick around an inflatable cat. Really bad behavior. Crude behavior which is what we expect from British football fans.

Here is another:

P.S. I have to get this off my chest. David Moyes, the West Ham manager, said that the fine handed out to Zouma would be given to an animal charity like the RSPCA. The RSPCA have said that they've not been contacted about this. Secondly, David Moyes said that the RSPCA might get involved in training Kurt Zuma about animal welfare. Once again, the RSPCA have said that they have not been contacted about this. It looks like David Moyes was simply presenting stuff to television to shut up the questioning. This is what I would expect. It's all PR, smoke and mirrors. All he wants is to get the best team on the pitch and he doesn't give a damn whether the players have good moral standards or not.

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