Animal advocates must never forget Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel the "Cat Man of Aleppo"

I just want to touch base again with this story. It has been around for a while. Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel first came to prominence on the Internet during the Syrian war. That has abated and fizzled out as far as I'm aware but there is still a great need to support the stray and feral cats of Aleppo which is exactly what Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel continues to do.

Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel the "Cat Man of Aleppo"
Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel the "Cat Man of Aleppo". Image: screenshot from FB video.

He has a Facebook page and, on that page, we see him educating the children of that city. There is no direct commentary to a video. There is background music instead. But we see him involving the children in cat rescue and feeding the stray cats. He also hands out what appears to be dry cat food for the cats.

Feeding the stray cats of Aleppo, Syria
Feeding the stray cats of Aleppo, Syria. Screenshot from FB video.

I can't embed the video on this page because his Facebook's settings don't allow. I have asked him to have a look at that in order to help promote his work.

What is particularly nice about the video which you can see by clicking on this link, is that he is thinking of the future. He is trying to get the kids interested in the cats and in animal welfare generally. He needs their involvement. They are the future of animal welfare.

There are 2 links to earlier stories about Alaa, the Cat Man of Aleppo. Please read them for background information on this man and his work.

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It seems to me that all he can do is to feed them and comfort them. I don't think he has access to veterinary care. Although he might have to a limited extent. Clearly the cats need veterinary care. They also need to be processed under typical TNR program policies. I don't know whether he has access to facilities to spay and neuter the cats in his care. I would doubt that too. But I hope that I am wrong.

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At least they have him to care for them as best he can. People in the West, the comfortable developed world, need to praise and reward people like Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel. He is a rare person. He is a hero because he is doing something which is very difficult to do in such a dire situation. His work is highly altruistic. He has to look after himself and perhaps a family as well but he gives of his time to stray cats.

In the eyes of many stray and feral cats are pest and vermin. They are the lowest of the low next to stray dogs. In many undeveloped countries they are persecuted and callously killed. He is doing the opposite. He is preserving life and trying to make their lives more acceptable and tolerable. This is the true sharp end of animal welfare.

Years ago, I learned that he is an ambulance driver. He originally operated out of an area called Masaken Hanano in Aleppo. He may still be there. When he first started working on cat rescue or conservation in Aleppo the area was being bombed and destroyed by President Assad's bombs and Russian rockets. At that time, he was taking a huge risk to simply be out there on the streets feeding the cats, it seems to me. This was in 2016. Aleppo was being destroyed. You can imagine how many cats were destroyed as well as people by those bombs and rockets.

The purpose of this post is to praise the man. To reward him with a little bit of publicity. It's not much. I just feel that I need to do my bit, to chip in, to support a man who deserves support and praise.


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