Wednesday 9 February 2022

CAT ATTACK West Ham defender Kurt Zouma’s cats ‘will remain in care after being checked by vets’

Kurt Zouma's two cats, one of which is a Bengal cat and the other is probably of the same breed, "will remain in care after being checked over by vets," the RSPCA confirmed. You may remember that the West Ham defender, 27, had his cats seized following the uploading of a video by his brother to social media in which he is seen drop-kicking and slapping one of the cats at his £2 million mansion.

Kurt Zouma. Pic in public domain.

The RSPCA has said that the investigation is continuing and while it does, they will retain the cats. However, they said that they are not up for rehoming. They have embarked on a full and thorough investigation they said. 

An RSPCA spokesman said:

"Two cats are in our care, have been seen by a vet and are being well looked after. They will remain in our care while the investigation continues and are not available for rehoming although we have lots of beautiful cats who are looking for new homes. We understand the high level of interest in this incident and can reassure you that our experienced officers are carrying out a full and thorough investigation."

An online petition has gathered 288,000 signatures so far. The petition demands that the RSPCA with the police prosecute him and take his animals to a safe place. I have just learned that the petition now stands at 324,144. The argument is that as Zouma considers cat abuse amusing he has a disdain for animal welfare. The petitioners have speculated as to what has happened in the past and what might happen in the future.

They are hinting at the fact that they believe that there have been other instances of abuse against his cats. For this reason, they believe that it is necessary to remove them from his home and his care permanently.

Also, to not rehome them would be an endorsement, in this high-profile case, that his actions are accepted by society. That would be an unacceptable state of affairs. It would, in fact, encourage further animal abuse by others. This was animal abuse for entertainment by an ignorant but rich footballer.  Note: his brother laughed throughout the abuse.

Although he is very remorseful. I think he has learned a lesson already. But he needs to learn about animal welfare and his responsibilities as a cat caregiver.

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