Monday 28 February 2022

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) attracted more attention rescuing a cat then they would in rescuing 10 men

The RNLI have said that in rescuing a white cat from a river they attracted more attention than if they had rescued 10 men 👍. Great Yarmouth and Gorleston coxswain, Paddy Lee, said:

If we'd rescued 10 men, I don't think we'd have got as much attention. It's even hit the headlines in places like Italy and France.

Oliver Bolton took the photographs. He said that the rescue had been dramatic. The cat, who they have named Icicle, fell into a river. Icicle appears to have clambered up to a space about 2 feet above the waterline in a wall but was stuck there.

Icicle on the ledge
Icicle on the ledge. Photo: Oliver Bolton.
RNLI rescue a white cat from a river near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
RNLI rescue a white cat from a river near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Photo: Oliver Bolton.

Icicle after his rescue from a river
Icicle after his rescue from a river. Photo: Oliver Bolton.

It looks as though somebody called out the RNLI and just before they arrived icicle fell into the river. The men of the RNLI quickly got to him and scooped him out of the water. They wrapped him in a warm blanket as you can see in the photograph.

He was reunited with his owner Mandy Baker who said that he has used up his nine lives.

Icicle fell into the river about two minutes before the RNLI arrived and the photographer said that he was struggling as they rescued him.

Domestic cats are good swimmers but this cat may have been very tired because he may have been in the water for a long time before he clambered up to that ledge and then fell back in. And the water must've been very cold. 

I would have thought though that he would have survived for quite a bit longer because domestic cats are very durable, resilient creatures. They are great survivors which is exactly why they have nine lives.

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