Monday 1 February 2021

Story of Logan - werewolf street cat - is full of sadness, love, joy and more sadness

Logan was a rescue cat. He was saved from a very harsh life on the street. We are not told where or I can't find out where. He became famous because of his face, I guess. They called him a 'werewolf cat'. Are they referring to the cat breed the Lykoi also called the werewolf cat . They appear to be. But is Logan a lykoi?  Lykois are rare purebred cats. But maybe I am missing something as I have not followed this story very closely.

Logan is, I believe, a random bred cat and it seems that he lost some of his facial hair because of his ill-health (eye infection that spread to the area below his eyes?). Or was it ringworm? I don't believe so. He became very ill as a street cat. The vet thought he had FIP and he certainly suffered from viral and bacterial infections, infected eyes and teeth and so on. 

Logan a rescue cat with fur missing from his face called werewolf cat
Logan a rescue cat with fur missing from his face  -- called 'werewolf cat' Photo: Tabatha Norton on Instagram.

His foster carer, Tabatha Norton, took care of him brilliantly and her vet was superb. The public rallied around and I presume helped to fund the medical treatment. All was going well on Logan's long journey back to health which was reported on Instagram started by Tabatha Norton. I guess she started the account because of Logan's appearance. Would she have started a social media account if Logan had been a standard black cat? Sorry, I don't want to be a wet blanket and no criticism meant but...

Logan's bloodwork came back normal one day and it seemed that he was out of the woods. Norton was elated and hopeful.

HIS BLOODWORK CAME BACK NORMAL!!! NO more high globulins and proteins! No more high neutrophils and white blood cell count! His source of infection (teeth/ gums and feline herpes virus flare up due to chronic pain and stress) has been treated and the infection is now gone! We can’t even put in words how ecstatic we are about this news!!! This has been such a long journey!

But then...suddenly Logan died and the last post on the Instagram account is the video below. Norton was wiped out by the suddenness of his death. She couldn't post to social media for a few months and then told Logan's followers that he'd died. She does not tell us why he died. She loved him deeply. It is great that he was loved so profoundly by his carer.

Perhaps he died of old age. He looks quite old. Sometimes cats do pass away like this. Unexpectedly.

Norton's words are poetic and poignant: 

He meant EVERYTHING to me. I cannot imagine my life without him. My strong survivor, my little warrior, my baby is now an angel in heaven. I am so grateful that we were able to spend so much time together and that I told you how special you are and how loved you are each and every day. Logan, you were my life, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and you will ALWAYS be with me in my heart.

The fur on his body does not look too bad. Lykoi cats have very sparse hair, not like this.

The hair on Logan's back and flanks is not that bad. Photo: Instagram.



  1. I see posts daily of cats that are in terrible shape that are rescued. Logan’s story is sad and awful. As are many other cat’s stories. Mostly due to irresponsible pet owners. Cats and dogs are abandoned and abused at a despicable and alarming rate. Everyone should feel shame and a sense of responsibility to these poor living, caring and loving beings.

    1. Yep, I completely agree. Humans have screwed up so many things including cat domestication and our relationship with animals and the natural world. There are probably 300 million feral cats on the planet. There should be none. Fail.


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