Sunday 7 February 2021

@kadylone (Kady Lone) lives with a tortoiseshell-and-white Exotic Shorthair with a white moustache

Kady Lone is a beautiful woman who, I guess, is an influencer on Instagram. You know those beautiful women who influence others into purchasing make up products and other beauty products. She also cooks. They make their money by advertising beauty products in a very subtle way. They can make quite a lot of money as you are probably aware. Manufacturers have decided that this sort of subtle advertising can be more effective than the standard form.

Kadylone (Kady Lone) lives with a tortoiseshell-and-white Exotic Shorthair with a white moustache
Kadylone (Kady Lone) lives with a tortoiseshell-and-white Exotic Shorthair
with a white moustache. Here they are on a plane together.
I guess that it is an executive jet. Photo: Instagram.

I'm pleased to say that @kadylone (her Instagram username) features her tortoiseshell-and-white Exotic Shorthair cat with a white moustache quite a lot on her Instagram pages. Americans call tortoiseshell-and-white cats "calico cats". British people don't really like that!

Pudge the Exotic Shorthair living with Kadylone
Pudge the Exotic Shorthair living with Kadylone. Showing the flat-face.
Picture: Instagram.

Kady Lone describes herself as the mother of Pudge the Cat. Yes, her cat's name is Pudge. I guess that name derives from her cat's appearance which is quite cobby in cat fancy parlance. This means stocky which is quite normal for an Exotic Shorthair. This is a shorthaired version of the better-known contemporary Persian, which has very long hair.

Kadylone and Pudge
Kadylone and Pudge. Pic: Instagram.

Other than the length of hair the cats are very similar with, I regret to say, the same sort of health issues, which are inherited. These defects are inherited because of selective breeding resulting in the extremely flat face which distorts the tear ducts. This results in what is called "tear duct overflow". Persians also have a high incidence at about 35% of polycystic kidney disease (PKD). I suspect that the Exotic Shorthair has the same health problem. It is a major factor in considering adopting this cat breed. But I do not want to put a wet blanket over this post.

Kady Lone appears to be a very sweet, gentle and concerned cat caregiver which I like a lot. Calico cats are almost always female for genetic reasons: the sex genes are linked to the coat type genes. Male Torties are sterile as I recall. The Cats of Instagram page follows three individuals or entities one of which is Kady Lone. She has 35k followers. Cats of Instagram has 12m followers.

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