Sunday 28 February 2021

Bangkok: three hundred cats rescued and then abandoned

This is perhaps an understandable story but strange nonetheless. It appears that a person living in Bangkok, Thailand rescued many cats. Three hundred stray cats were left in cages in two houses in Bangkok. It is believed that the person rescued the cats but could no longer afford to look after them because of a change in her circumstances.

Over 300 cats rescued from a cat rescuer who abandoned them in cages in filthy conditions. Photo: Reuters.
Over 300 cats rescued from a cat rescuer who abandoned them in cages in filthy conditions.
Photo: Reuters.

The change in circumstances was due to the pandemic it is said. The person concerned abandoned the cats. She did not come back to them to look after them. This happened for many months. A neighbour sometimes fed the cats and a volunteer was involved.

The more than three hundred cats have now been rescued; those that survived. They had been kept in filthy conditions in cages for a very long time. They become stressed and are being rehabilitated and will be rehomed when suitable. A veterinarian in the area, said that he was confident that the cats will be able to recover.

The story comes from The Star. Comment: the story is interesting despite being incredibly sad because the person who rescued the cats (and that person remains anonymous) turned from being a rescuer, somebody who cares for the cats and who wanted to help, to a person who abandoned cats which is a cruel act and a criminal act in some countries.

What happened to this person? Perhaps they were never committed properly to the task of cat rescue. Of course, it takes money to feed over three hundred cats so perhaps this is a case of a person who wanted to help in cat rescue but became a cat hoarder inadvertently. 

She got in over her head and had to abandon the project. But she should have asked for help. That's the moral deficit. She was the wrong person for the job of cat rescue. No genuine cat rescuer would abandon cats like this so cruelly.

Cat rescue can sometimes develop into cat hoarding which is sad because whole purpose of cat rescue is undermined. Rather than helping cats they are harmed and injured by the cat rescuer. This appears to have happened in this instance.

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