Monday 8 February 2021

One of our two-year-old cats, Monty, has developed a liking for Weetabix and scones. Why?

A visitor to The Sun newspaper asked the question: "ONE of our two-year-old cats, Monty, has developed a liking for Weetabix and scones". The veterinarian employed to provide the answer said that the reason is that sometimes cats like sweet foods, "It’s not that unusual for a cat to develop a sweet tooth". Well, I disagree completely. Cats can't taste sweetness. There is no attraction in it.

The probable reason why this person's cat likes to eat scones and Weetabix is because (1) the scones were buttered and (2) the Weetabix had milk impregnated in it.

Both butter and milk contain fat and cats like fat. I believe that this is a better and more likely answer. Sometimes cats do eat human foods, which on the face of it are odd. But cats eating cereal is quite common because there is invarably milk mixed with it.

So Mr Vet I am sorry that your answer is not that good. Mine is better. I know that sounds arrogant but it true. The vet concerned is Sean McCormack, head veterinarian at

P.S. The video is not of the cat concerned. Sometimes cats do eat dry cereal because it contains somthing which they find attractive. It should not harm them if it is the odd nibble.  It is hard to see the milk in the cereal in the video but I think it is there.

P.P.S. Sometimes YouTube videos stop working over time because the administrators delete it from YouTube or the owner of the video deletes their YouTube account. Sorry if that has happened.

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