Tuesday 9 February 2021

Cat ignores laser pointer while the kittens go nuts (video)

I think this is a video of a mother cat and her two kittens. She is completely unmoved by the laser pointer which is unusual as laser pointers are almost bound to stimulate the hunting instinct as they are fast moving objects. This sort of movement normally triggers a cat's hunting instinct; the stalk, attack action.

In this instance, two kittes are enjoying the laser pointer's red dot. I think that the kittens are hers. The reason why she is disinterested is possibly one or both of two reasons (1) she has played with the pointer and become tired of it because she is unable to catch it, attack it and kill it. Laser pointers are inherently time-limited in use because they don't adequately simulate real thing i.e. attacking an animal in killing it and (2) she may be tired out because they are her kittens who are running around anyway tiring her out and she has had enough of playing in general, be it with her kittens or the laser pointer. Her disinterest is notable and unusual on the face of it.

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