Monday 22 February 2021

Are felines stronger than canines?

Felines are cats and canines are dogs. Who's the strongest? Neither. It depends on the species. Size dictates mass and muscle mass dictates strength. The largest cat, the Siberian tiger (about 210 kg), is much larger than the largest dog, the Great Dane (90 kg). No contest on that basis. But the humble and ubiquitous coyote in the US, which is a species of dog kills many domestic cats who are unable to get away. No contest there either.

Lynx squares up to wolf
Lynx squares up to wolf. Image: Vadim Sidorovich

Cats have more fast twitch muscles than dogs I would say. Cats are sprinters. Dogs are endurance runners. Cats stalk and pounce (sprint) to catch prey. Dogs wear down prey animals over many miles. Does this affect strength comparions? No I don't think so.

But the concept of strength is flexible. There is strength of mind leading to persistence which is a factor in overpowering another animal. However, the question is probably asking if the mucles of cats are stronger than the muscles of dogs. The answer depends on their mass which in turn depends on the size of the cat and dog as mentioned. 

If they are the same size the contest is equal. There is an interesting contest between the Canada lynx and the wolf. These are similar sized felines and canines. Who won? The lynx did as the wolf backed off apparently. There is no hard data on this sort of one-to-one encounter in general but the wolf wins because they are always in numbers while the lynx is solitary. Strength in numbrs they say. This is an example. Another aspect of strength which muddies the water when answering the question in the title.

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