Timid cat edges forward cautiously wishing to attack

This short video has been described as showing a cat who wants attention but is too shy to ask. I disagree. It is a female cat who is inherently timid and her owner - out of frame and doing the filming - is enticing her cat towards her with a cat tease. The cat sees a prey animal and wants to attack but this desire is resisted by her innate timidity. She therefore edges cautiously forward by placing one paw ahead of the another while placing them gently. It is cute.

Timid cat edges forward cautiously wishing to attack
Timid cat edges forward cautiously wishing to attack. Screenshot.

I prefer to see confident cats as they can live fuller lives and interact more freely with their owner and other visiting people. This is both good for the cat and the humans.

Note: sometimes videos like the one above stop working for reasons beyond my control. If that has occurred I am sorry.

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