Sunday 31 January 2021

Picture of black domestic cat spewing up ectoplasm

So what is ectoplasm? Well, the only time that I have seen it is in old photographs of spiritualist mediums spewing up a long trail of gunk from their mouths to prove that they are in contact with the spirit word, the 'other side'. I don't understand it. Perhaps the ectoplasm is from the other side and is evidence of its existence. The word appears to exist from it use to describe single celled creatures: 'clear outer layer of the cytoplasm in amoeboid cells'.

Black cat spewing up ectoplasm! No actually it is vomit!
Picture in the public domain.

There was a lot of fakery in spiritualism in those days and there still is. The picture of the black cat simply reminded me of the ectoplasm of fake spiritualists. It is a bit of fun. How spiritualists got away with it is beyond me as it looks patently idiotic. Cats are master vomiters. They can vomit with great ease. You only have to be concerned about a cat vomiting if it lasts for 24 hours or thereabouts. Then it is abnormal and questions should be asked as to the cause. Urgent action may be required. Click here for a comprehensive list of reasons for vomiting. Remember vomiting is a symptom of illness not the illness itself.

Fake ectoplasm using muslin. Pic: Wikipedia under
creative commons license.

P.S. A flashlight was used for the picture of the cat. You can tell because the reflective layer at the back of the eye behind the retina has reflected the light back out through the lens. The flash would have frozen the vomit as it was ejected. That is why the image is sharp and clear even though it was taken indoors and the cat is black.

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