Wednesday 20 January 2021

Picture and video of cute white kitten washing her paws and face

Well, this is either a totally boring, fabricated video or it is interesting because it prompts the question as to why this cute white kitten is washing her paws and face so keenly? Of course, I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist these days being an old man and I tend to see the negative in a lot of things which goes with the territory of being elderly. 

The point that I am getting at is I think the video maker put something on this kitten's paws in order to make them lick the paws this keenly. I could be wrong. But it's the vigour with which this cute kitten grooms her paws which leads me to believe that she is licking something off them which was put on them. I've tortured that description but you get the point. 

And the kitten has been placed in a tunnel of some sort. It looks like a ventilation shaft which I guess is also meant to add a bit of interest in it. The key to the success of a TikTok video is to make it look different so you find any means possible to achieve that goal. In this instance I'd say that they've achieved the goal by putting something tasty on the kitten's paws and put the kitten in a ventilation shaft!! Job done. Funny cat video.

White kitten washes her face and paws keenly. Why? Screenshot



On a scale of 1-10 how cute am I? 😻😸 ##cat ##kitten ##kittens

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