Wednesday 27 January 2021

Picture of a big floof of a gray-and-white cat

Floof cat. Floof means a fluffy, longhaired animal. Pic: Reddit.

The man is in his gym lifting weights! Actually, he appears to be in his garage lifting weights. If all gyms had weights like this they would be more people in them. He is the epitome of a laid back cat, it seems to me. He looks like a random bred cat. He doesn't look like a Maine Coon. He might be, but the overall appearance does not tell me that he's a Maine Coon. It would not surprise me if somebody told me I was completely wrong as he might be a slightly non-typical cat of this breed.

My guess is that this cat weighs something in the order of 25 pounds. That would put him at the top end of the scale for domestic cat weights. He's one of those very big domestic cats which always impresses. I've got to say that he looks a little bit overweight without wanting to be critical. I think we can allow him to be a little bit overweight, if I am correct. It's just his character, his laid-back character which makes it very hard for him to burn-off calories! He likes to be carried everywhere on his back.

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