Wednesday 20 January 2021

Picture and video of cats lined up on wall platforms

This is a nice video. It is not abusive. It is beneficial to the cats. It is beneficial to the people who view it because it entertains people. And as I believe it was filmed in a cat café somewhere in Asia. The cats performance is also beneficial to the clients of the café because they can watch these wonderful cats carrying out their instructions. 

And they do carry out their instruction so well. The woman has done a wonderful job in training them. I am convinced having looked at this video that it is in a cat café and that what you see is part of the entertainment for people in the café. 

I may be terribly wrong on that and if so I apologise but that is my current assessment. It makes for a good video. It also tells you that cats can be trained quite nicely with a bit of patience and positive reinforcement.

How many cats can you count? 😹😻

♬ Lalala - Y2K & bbno$

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