Friday 25 April 2014

The Human Species Is Destroying Planet Earth

The Human Species Is Destroying Planet Earth

This is an article by Ruth.  Ruth is a regular contributor to the main website.  I don't know how many people think that the human species is destroying planet Earth.  Do you think like that?  Do you think Ruth is being too pessimistic and negative.  Or do you think she's being realistic and observant?

A lot of people are very interested in their little world, the world that they inhabit and either don't have time or the inclination to look beyond that, to the wider picture and to the consequences of their actions and how their actions impact on, for example nature and the environment.

There are other people who understand how their actions impact upon the environment but do nothing to minimise that impact if it is a negative one because they're too busy surviving and trying to get on in the world.  As very few other people, relatively, are interested in conserving the planet and doing something about the environment, any person who is concerned about the environment is at a disadvantage because what he or she does is compromised because he or she is less competitive, at least potentially.

It is the rat race and to hell with the environment.  That is what the governments believe because no one as yet has managed to bring the major industrialised countries together to take steps to protect the environment for future generations.

What has this got to do with cats?  Well, it has everything to do with cats is they lived with us if their domesticated and they live in the wild, in nature if they are wild cats.   Whatever happens to us also happens to our cats.

It isn't just about destroying planet Earth it is about what we do within the home and how that affects our domestic cat companions.  There was only hazards within the home a lot of which we are not aware of.  And outside there are more hazards, the greatest of which is the automobile.  Roads not only carve up the home ranges of wild cat species, they also carry traffic and traffic kills cats.  We created all this and therefore we created an outside environment that is in general hostile to the domestic, straight, and feral cat.

Of course predators will prey on outside cats as well.  I accept that.  However, I would bet my bottom dollar that by far the biggest killer of domestic cats to venture outside is the automobile.

We are in the process of destroying the planet and a great example of that is the plight of the Bengal tiger, which mainly resides in India.  There the Tiger almost exclusively lives in tiger reserves.  So the natural habitat of the Tiger in India has been cut down to reserves which are too small and which cannot contain a group of healthy breeding tigers in a sustainable way.  We had destroyed the habitat of the Tiger and left them too little to live on and in.

Not being content to simply remove most of the Tiger's habitat, many Asian people also like to eat bits of the Tiger because they believe it makes them better.  This results in poaching and it is impossible for the Rangers on these reserves to prevent poaching taking place.  The resources are simply not there so there are not enough rangers.  That in itself is indicative of the fact that there is an inadequate amount of motivation amongst those in authority in India to protect the Tiger.

And there is another problem.  Even those in authority are unwilling to really commit to saving nature.  There is simply not the willingness and the commitment and motivation there amongst people in authority and amongst those who run the big businesses to protect and conserve the natural environment within which wild species live.

Matters will deteriorate until the moment comes when there is a real impact upon humankind  and its survival and then, and only then, in the eleventh hour will humankind take steps to protect itself and I for one will hope that it is too late for it is time for the world to be returned to the way it was before the first human stepped on the planet.

Note: this article was dictated using DragonDictate.  It was not checked due to time constraints and therefore if you do see some rather odd words popping up that don't make sense you will know why!

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