Wednesday 30 April 2014

25 Cats Found Murdered in Yonkers, New York: An Atrocious Act of Animal Cruelty

25 Cats Found Murdered in Yonkers, New York: An Atrocious Act of Animal Cruelty

At the heart of human society there is a darkness which sometimes presents itself to the public in the form of unspeakable evil and the victims of this evil are often feral or stray cat because they are some of the most vulnerable creatures on the planet.  No one hates as much as a cat hater and it doesn't take long for a cat hater to find a cat to abuse, to be cruel to, to kill and then to hang up in a black plastic bin liner just for the hell of it.

Photo: SPCA of Westchester

There is something demented about this act of mass cat cruelty because of the black bags containing the dead bodies of the cats and kittens which have been hung from the branches of a tree in a wood overlooking the Hudson River.

The cats and kittens inside the bags had been killed with a blunt instrument.  Some had been killed a long time ago and were skeletons while others were killed within days.  That would indicate that the person responsible had been doing this for a very long time and it was part of a routine in his life. A person can go on killing stray and feral cats for a long time without being caught because no one is responsible for the cats and to be brutally honest very few people really care about feral cats.  Quite the contrary, a lot of people hate feral cats.

You can imagine it, a small deserted wooded area overlooking the Hudson River.  No one goes there except a demented evil bastard who hates cats and probably hates the world as well.  He wants to hurt something.  He wants to kill something but realises that if he kills a person he is likely to end up in prison for the rest of his life so what does it do?  He picks on the most vulnerable amongst us and in any case it's a chance to express his hatred for cats.

There is almost a close relationship between nastiness in a person and a hatred for cats.  Sometimes I think that the two aspects of a person's personality accompany each other like a demented duo festering inside the person's soul eating away at it until it has to be expressed.

There is a particular nastiness about a cat hater and a cat killer.  What makes this example of cat cruelty and killing particularly macabre is the black plastic bags.  Why do that?  Has this person got a fetish about black plastic?  It seems that way to me.

I envisage a man of about 35 years of age who has very poor personal hygiene, a loner who spends all his time on a computer playing violent video games.  I guess I'm stereotyping him and that is the wrong thing to do because you never quite know the cat haters.  They could be anybody.

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