Saturday 26 April 2014

Heaven is real: Which pet do you hope to spend eternity with?

Heaven is real: Which pet do you hope to spend eternity with?

Is heaven really real?  We'll never know, will we?  Heaven is not real because it is only in the imagination or in our minds.  It is not tangible.  There is no evidence of it despite what some people might say.  The title to this post and the linked post itself was written by Elisa, a regular contributor to the main website.

I don't believe that heaven is real but it doesn't stop me wanting to spend eternity with a particular cat who has passed on.  She died 20 years ago.  She died in an accident.  The accident was my fault.  I had just moved home because I just got divorced and the new home I moved to had a nice garden. There was a road outside but it wasn't that busy.  I wanted to let her go out but I was careless.  I was too free about her going out.

At the time I was working very hard so I was away from the home all day.  I've learnt some hard lessons since then.  One day when I came back home she wasn't there and I knew, I knew she was dead.

I sort of knew where she might be: over the road under some bushes and trees beyond which was a field where I'm sure she had gone.  Anyway, I spent about an hour or 90 min searching for her and found her under the bushes.  I figured that she had been knocked over by a car and raced under the bushes to die.

I put her in a box and buried her at the bottom of the garden.  Subsequently, I was burgled twice so I moved home.  Before I moved I asked a friend of mine to dig up the bones of my darling cat which she kindly did and I took them to a pet crematorium where she was individually cremated and today she is in an urn in the living room with  the ashes of my other deceased cats.

I remember clearly every single bit of the time that I lost my beloved cat, found her, buried her, met my former wife and we cried over the whole thing and so on and so on.  I remember everything about it and it devastated me.  I made quite a few mistakes in those days.

This cat that I mourn so heavily had a brother and when my wife and I divorced she took the brother and I took the sister.  That was a mistake anyway because brother and sister should not have been broken up.  Anyway, that's just another mistake.  I've changed since then.

The name of the cat I lost so tragically is Missie. She was a sweet, athletic, Norwegian Forest Cat mix.  She was a great jumper.  She was a fantastic climber.  Norwegian Forest Cats are.  They're known for it.

And to this day I still think of her and still mourn her.  Nothing would give me more pleasure than to meet her over the rainbow Bridge, on the other side and be with her for eternity, if it is possible.  I don't believe it is possible but if it is it would bring me joy.  If it was certain that I would meet her in heaven and be with her for eternity I would willingly die immediately. I loved her more than any person.


  1. I'm sorry for your loss- and the saying goes that when you to make it to heaven- your pet will meet you running down a field

    1. If that is true I have great joy ahead of me. Thanks for your condolences.


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