Monday 28 April 2014

Are You Squeamish about Seeing Your Cat’s Bottom?

Are You Squeamish about Seeing Your Cat’s Bottom?

This is actually a serious question although it looks like it's a bit of a joke.  Some people are squeamish about their cat's bottom.  They don't like their cat presenting their bottom to them.  It feels impolite to a human but to a cat it is neither here nor there, it means nothing and in fact cats frequently present their bottom to us because they like to sleep next to us but facing away from us and when they settle down guess what they do: you get their bottom in-your-face.

No big deal.  Get used to it.  It's all natural and it's all part of a domestic cat's anatomy.  Every part of a domestic cat's anatomy is as good as the other.  A genuine cat lover is a very practical, down-to-earth person who likes naturalness.

Some people don't like it when cats lick their bottom to clean it.  They think it is unclean and horrible. Some don't like to clean out cat litter trays.  The modern person actually can tend to live a little bit outside of reality sometimes because reality is harsh to some people.  Everything is transformed.

A lot of people don't like the way they look so they have plastic surgery.  When they get older they hate the lines on their face and so have plastic surgery even though it is perfectly normal to have lines on your face and they can make you look better but they are too "real" for some people; it's to natural and normal.

There is a tendency for some people to shun reality just slightly or in some cases greatly.  I'm thinking about drug addicts and alcoholics but don't get me wrong; it is perfectly human and I have great sympathy but personally I'm a realist and I'm quite happy if my cat presents his bum to me.

In fact, a good cat caretaker needs to be observant and observe both ends of the cat!  There are often medical problems in the mouth of the cat with gum disease and what comes out the rear end can say a lot about a cat's health.  Tapeworms come out the rear end and bloody stools, for example. Diarrhoea comes out the rear end or nothing comes out of it (constipation)!  All these things indicate particular health issues.  They are symptoms and a concerned cat lover will not shy away from inspecting the rear end of a cat and what comes out of it.

I remember visiting a person in America and we were having dinner at the kitchen table and her magnificent Maine Coon cat came up.  I think he jumped up onto a chair and turned around to present his bum to us.  So....we have food on the table and his bum in in our faces but who cares? The host cared and quickly turned her cat around to hide his bum but as for me, I didn't care.

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