Tuesday 19 December 2023

Thai rice field planted to make a picture of a cat by artist farmer

The Bangkok Post has published they really nice and interesting picture of a cat holding onto a fish and about to eat it. It looks a bit like a painting but when you inspect it carefully you can see that it is a rice field. Criss-crossing the field are pedestrian walkways for the farmers to gain access to the field I guess.

The rice field picture of a cat was created by a farmer and an artist: Thunyapong Jaikum in rice fields in the Chiang Province.

The photo is from Reuters.

The work of Thunyapong Jaikum in rice fields in the Chiang Province. Image: Reuters from the artist I guess.

They expect thousands of people to turn up to have a look at it. And to enjoy it I'm told they built or are building viewing platforms as that is the only way you can enjoy it.

The photograph must have been taken with a drone from several hundred feet up. And that's one problem with this excellent project. You won't get the same view from a viewing platform which is perhaps 80 feet up.

As you can see it is green and brown with some grey for the fish.

I'm not sure how they did it but the green areas are probably the growing rice in the field while the brown areas are probably the earth (or different coloured rice seedlings).

How did the artist map it out? They don't explain. I'm going to guess but I could be completely wrong! They clearly used a drone to photograph the finished image.

I would like to suggest that they used the same drone to create the image. There were two people. One operated the drone and the artist did the marking out.

The artist was able to look at himself as he marked out the ground because with these drones you have a screen on the controls which allows you to see what the drone sees.

As the artist was able to see himself on the ground he could move around marking out the dark areas with poles or some other brightly coloured object which was easy to see from hundreds of feet up.

When using those marked out areas he was able to plant the rice or clear the rice from those areas. I would think it was likely that he planted all the rice so it was all green and then removed some of the green by removing the planted rice to reveal the earth below.

If the brown areas are not earth they'll be some other plant as I am told the rice plant does not change colour when growing. Although the Bangkok Post says that the rice seedlings change colour from brown to green. My research says otherwise.

"No, rice does not change color while growing. The color of rice remains consistent throughout its growth cycle. Rice plants typically have green leaves during the growing stages, and as they mature, they produce rice grains that can vary in color depending on the variety." - AI computer Poe.

The result is a high quality image; done very well. Well done to the man.

P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

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