Wednesday 20 December 2023

Recliner chairs and sofas are a serious danger to kittens and puppies

It is Christmas 2023. Many people with pets might be considering treating themselves with a comfortable reclining armchair or sofa (couch) or a riser recliner. They deserve it. But they need to realise that reclining chairs and sofas can be deadly to pets particularly kittens and puppies are they tend to explore more and are the right size to scamper underneath the recliner where they might remain for a while during which time their caregiver arrives to use it. The recliner becomes a killing machine as the kitten or puppy is crushed by the reclining mechanism.

Image: MikeB

It has happened a lot but the problem is under-reported. There are no surveys on Google Scholar which tells me that there is not enough concern about these potentially deadly items of furniture.

It is the mechanism which kills the companion animals if they are in the wrong position under the chair at the time it is used.

They are attractive spots for kittens and cats. Kittens are likely to be a little more anxious than adults especially if they have recently been adopted and are new to the home.

They will find a place to hide and what better place than under the recliner. The owner is blissfully unaware of the danger and is happy she has just adopted a kitten from the local shelter. Her present to her herself and her kitten at Christmas

This happiness just before Christmas can be shattered in a second when the kitten is crushed under the recliner.

My belief is that cat and dog owners should not possess a reclining chair or sofa. They are just too dangerous. Perhaps I am too sensitive to the danger. Perhaps I am overly concerned but I don't think so.

In the home there are many potential dangers to cats and dogs particularly the young ones. It is the duty of the caregiver to minimise these dangers.

I would put the reclining chair somewhere near the top of the list of household dangers to pets. At the level of toxic substances and plants like the lily.

Separately, using the wrong flea treatment is a massive danger to cats. For example using a dog spot on flea treatment on a cat. Never do that. It can be fatal. 

It only takes a second and a lapse in concern or awareness of the dangers to end up killing your kitten or adult cat.

I have written about this before and have been reminded to write about it again as it is Christmas and the warning needs to be restated.

P.S. please forgive the occasional typo. These articles are written at breakneck speed using Dragon Dictate. I have to prepare them in around 20 mins.

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