Monday 18 December 2023

300 cans of wet food per day to feed rescue cats of Naples, Florida

This story highlights the constant pressure on cat rescue organisations to raise funds to feed their cats. There are other expenses obviously but the quantity of food consumed is enormous. And growing in the case of Purradise Gardens in Naples, Florida, USA as the number of rescued cats seem to growing all the time as the human population of Naples grows because it appears to be a nice place to live and the weather must play a role.

"We're seeing more stray cats. People surrender or dump cats because of the economy. Shelters are full, forcing people to leave them on the streets," said Megan Sorvara, the facility's director of Purradise Gardens.

They rescue organisation have a Christmas campaign to get more food! It must be a constant battle. 

It is estimated that 50,000 feral and stray cats live in the area. It appears to be a growing problem. Sadly I see this as a failure in cat domestication. People need to be more responsible.

A good thing about the story is that they are feeding wet cat food. I'll presume that they also use dry sometimes. But it appears that the primary food is wet. I am one of those who believe that wet is best. Good dry food is okay for night time grazing but it can dehydrate cats which can, I believe, tend to predispose cats to urinary tract issues or even Type 2 diabetes according to a well-known American veterinarian.

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