Tuesday 12 December 2023

Man gives CPR to dog on sidewalk and saves their life. Dog attached to bike with leash.

Man gives CPR to dog on sidewalk and saves life. Dog leash attached to bike.
Screenshot from video below.

The title and video are self-explanatory. This great guy saved the dog's life by administering CPR to the dog on the sidewalk. I think he was a stranger to the owner who appears to be the woman standing over him. I think she has a bike and was exercising her dog by attaching him/her to the bike by a leash and riding the bike which appears to have been too much for the dog who collapsed. That's my take on the video.

Never seen this before and the lesson appears to be to not leash animals to bikes. However, I think it would be wise to have a vet check out this dog for heart trouble. Just a guess. But dog breeds are famous for inheriting genetic diseases and heart disease is one of those diseases affecting some dog breeds.

The tweet reads:
This good-hearted man does CPR & saves a dog. May the Universe return him every little breath when he needs it. Please, don't leash animals to bicycles! When the dog sees his rescuer next, his joy & gratitude are worth seeing. 
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