Tuesday 19 December 2023

Domestic cats can assess a snake attack and react all in 0.04 of a second

I have written about the cat's rapid reactions before when mentioning the ability of the diminutive sand cat to kill snakes fearlessly. The cat is able to out-react the snake. The snake has no chance in a fight with a humble stray cat. In the early days of cat domestication they were used to keep down rodent numbers and deal with snakes. That was thousands of years ago and they are doing the same thing today in the front-line trenches in Ukraine where cats keep the Ukrainian soldiers company and kill snakes and rats.

Cats probably have faster reactions than snakes and snakes are known to have impressive reaction times. The humble domestic or stray cat is incredible when it comes to the rapidity of their reactions. The video shows us this amazing skill. The cat can kill snakes as they can avoid the bite even when the snake is right in the face of the cat as seen in the video.

Cat avoids snake bit in a most impressive way
Cat avoids snake bit in a most impressive way. Screenshot.

"Cats have highly developed sensory systems, including keen eyesight, acute hearing, and sensitive whiskers, which contribute to their ability to react swiftly. They are known for their ability to pounce on moving objects with remarkable accuracy and agility." - AI computer Poe.


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