Thursday 15 July 2021

'Truffles' - from unwanted stray kitten to treasured working cat

This is an excellent example of how an "ordinary" unwanted stray cat is, in fact, a very valuable cat and that value has been shown to the public because Truffles is now a sweet working cat helping children to accept their new glasses at an optometrist called A Child's Eyes. She is described as "an ambassador for vision" by the pediatric optometrist whose name is Danielle Crull.

Truffles the optometrist's working cat
Truffles the optometrist's working cat. Photo: her Instagram account.

Daniel believes that Truffles was born in July 2016 as a stray cat and was adopted by Danielle and her family in October 2016. And quickly, they both benefited. Truffles is a working cat because she's very useful in promoting Danielle's business and settling down the children to make the experience for them more enjoyable. At the same time, of course, Truffles is a beautiful cat companion.

For me, there's nothing more pleasant to see than a well looked after working cat contributing to human society while at the same time having a good life. It's a way of adding value to the domestic cat which in my view is undervalued in general. When you add this value to a domestic cat, they are better protected. They are safer and of course admired.

Danielle makes tiny glasses for Truffles and she found that she was able to wear them. When children came into the "optical shop" as Danielle calls it, Truffles is able to demonstrate the glasses to children and it helps to put them at ease. And she says that Truffles helps to build the children's self- esteem.

Truffles glasses don't have lenses in them, obviously, and Danielle finds that she enjoys wearing them. This sweet kitty has six pairs of glasses and she will wear one for an hour or more. She'll even go to sleep wearing a pair of glasses. Truffles is a celebrity cat with the usual social media websites. She has 15,500 followers on Instagram for instance. Pretty cool.

Truffles is a tuxedo cat with britches and a ruff! She's very classy.

Here is a video of her at the shop:

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