Monday 26 July 2021

Cat wedding - yes, two cats get married!

The caption to this black-and-white photographic print reads: "Dawn Rodgers officiates at "wedding" of formally attired felines Tigger and Kirby, held by daughters Summer and September". Photograph dated: July 25, 1986. 

It is a non-digital photo. Old-style photo. Some people like to marry their cats. Some people like to marry their cat! I've seen that before :) . But is this an example of humans living their life through their cats?

Domestic cats get married
Domestic cats get married. Photo in public domain.

There is not much to say, is there? It is a bit of fun although I suspect that the participants took it seriously. There is nothing wrong with it if it pleases the people concerned although it is eccentric behaviour. The cats don't know a thing about it. It all goes over their heads in a mysterious blur. I would expect that they were good buddies and the ladies decided that it was a good idea to formalise their relationship. Perhaps they wanted to get married themselves (the humans, I mean!) but sadly had failed and so decided to marry their cats instead. A substitute for the real thing. I am speculating and probably being unkind.

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