Sunday 4 July 2021

Cat climbing the outside of apartment block falls 6 stories and runs off

This is one of those classic and extraordinary domestic cat feats of apparent survival. A black domestic cat is climbing the outside wall of a very tall apartment block and he is six stories up on my reckoning including the ground floor. Note: I have assumed he is male for the sake of convenience and to avoid calling him 'it'.

Cat climbing the outside of apartment block falls 6 stories and runs off
Cat climbing the outside of apartment block falls 6 stories and runs off

He's actually clawing his way up the outside wall which is obviously rough and which allows him to grab hold of the wall with his claws. But he finds it's all got too much for him because he's going nowhere and he falls off and sails to the beach below. 

This is a soft landing, thankfully, which allows him to run off. Although he hit it at 60 mph! We don't know why the cat was climbing the outside of this building. It would seem that he went onto the balcony of the fifth floor and then started to climb up the wall. The motivation to do this? No idea, except perhaps he felt confined to the apartment and wanted to get out of it and thought he could make it to the top of the building which wouldn't have been any good in any case. 

As you see him fall, he fans out in legs to create maximum air resistance which is absolutely typical and reached the terminal velocity which is considerably less than it would have been if he had not fanned out his body. My research indicates that domestic cats reach a terminal velocity of about 60 miles an hour. 


In other words, the velocity is at a maximum and it stays there. That is why, by the way, that when they fall further distances and hit the terminal velocity, they can sometimes incur less serious injuries. It takes a while for them to turn and fan out their bodies to slow themselves. 

 You can see a large crowd watching and filming but doing nothing about it. Perhaps they could do nothing about it and felt that as the beach was below, he would be all right. Although there was no absolute certainty that he would clear the ornamental flower containers (that is what they look like) at the base of the building. He did thankfully.

He ran off but this does not automatically mean that he was not injured. Cats can run for a while even when badly injured. I suspect though that he is not badly injured. They often suffer cracked jaws of ribs.

via Gfycat

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

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