Saturday 24 July 2021

'Penguin Cat' is very obese (for a purpose?)

The 'Penguin Cat is so named because she likes to stand upright like a meerkat. Unusually, she holds the position for long periods. A domestic cat might do this because they simply like to do it. However, I would suggest that there will normally be a specific reason why a domestic cat likes to sit up on her haunches like this. 

In this instance it may be because she's obese. It may be more comfortable for her in this position. Also, it is apparent that if she lost weight she would no longer look like a penguin and this would totally undermine the reason why this cat is a celebrity on TikTok.

I don't want to overly criticise the owners but they should reduce their cat's weight if only for the benefit that it will bring in terms of health. Just like humans, obese cats can suffer associated health problems such as diabetes and arthritis because of the extra pressure on the joints.

Penguin Cat
Penguin Cat. Video screenshot.

I used to live with a three-legged cat and he very often took up the meerkat position particularly when asking for food. He did this because he had three legs. His back had become very strong to compensate for the loss of one leg as he had to pick up his body with his back muscles in order to move. And standing tall like this meant that he could get my attention more easily.

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

Dwarf cats also tend to stand up like this on two legs, using their tail and bottom as a stabiliser. Dwarf cats have short legs and therefore they lack height. I would suggest that they take up the meerkat position in order to get noticed, to make them taller. As I see it, there is a reason behind a cat taking up this position because it's unnatural.

You will see this position taken up in a more extreme sense when male cats are fighting over territory. You may have seen the video or the photographs on the Internet of domestic or feral cats looking like humans standing tall on two legs. But once again this is highly unusual.

As I'm sure you can guess, "Penguin Cat" is named like this because she looks like a penguin with her black-and-white coat and her stance. There is a distinct resemblance. It's made her a celebrity on TikTok. I just wonder whether the owners have decided to keep her obese in order to ensure that she takes up this upright stance. If I am right then the reason for it is the obesity.

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